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Interviews & Podcasts

The CreatingWE Institute President, Maria Escobar-Bordyn was part of the Keynote Conversation opening the Transcending the Crisis virtual conference in June 2020.

Whit Raymond and Maria discussed in their conversation how what they’re thinking in the moment does show up in how we engage with others, and our interpretation of what we’re experiencing of others are put through our own personal filters – whether true or not. As leaders, or just people, being transparent and, I daresay – vulnerable, about what’s going on, helps us clarify intention, and connect with others even in difficult circumstances.

Here’s their discussion on “The Power of Conversation” Ep. 126 – Conversational Intelligence® with Nicklas Balboa

Security through Education

In Episode 126, host Chris Hadnagy speaks with Nicklas Balboa, a researcher and project manager at The CreatingWE® Institute. In this discussion, you’ll learn what Conversational Intelligence® is and how our neuroscience, physiology and psychology all play into creating three different levels of conversation. You’ll also hear valuable tips about how to have better conversations that can transform your daily interactions. – Feb 10, 2020

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Judith E. Glaser is featured regularly on Jim Blasingame's The Small Business Advocate Show. Browse and listen to recent interviews in our archive.



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SoulSalt - Podcast with Lyn Christian

What's your Conversational Intelligence?

Ships passing in the night–Are your conversations hitting the mark?

Rattlesnakes and Roots–How fear influences how we "see" the world

Cardiac Arrest–When work causes too much stress

The Chemistry of Conversation–What's the chemistry of your conversational style?

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The Art of Strategic Reaction - Podcast with Kyle Brost

Judith Glaser is the founder and CEO of Benchmark Communications Inc., and a leading voice in a field that is known as conversational intelligence, which seeks to understand how our conversations shape us and our futures. Judith’s interest in the dynamics of conversation began at the early age of 11, when she unexpectedly learned of her father’s story as a young man dealing with having a stutter. Her experiences within her family and educational contexts led her to investigate conversation, interaction, and how we can activate change within ourselves. Since then, she has been at the helm of her company for almost 40 years, where she helps organizations and CEOs look at their conversations, identify what’s working and what isn’t, understand how the brain works, and use those insights to choose conversations that lead them to success.

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Scaling Up Business with Bill Gallagher

Today’s show is all about how leaders can produce greater results and be more effective by developing their conversational intelligence. Conversation can bring us closer together and allows everyone to effectively co-create.

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Judith Glaser corporate unpluggedCorporate Unplugged

Shifting Our Chemistry Towards Helping: Meet Judith E. Glaser

On today’s podcast we cover topics such as: Understanding the mystery of our brains, the benefits of conversational intelligence, and how to be a thoughtful leader and have compasionate conversations.

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Joshua Spodek

Joshua Spodek

007: Judith Glaser, Conversation 1

I'm nerdy and look at the world more conventionally than she does, so we'll see a different way of looking at the environment, science, and nature than my usual way. Judith talks about her big breaks, making mistakes and rolling with them. She walks through how to use her books and materials. You can see how she's gotten great clients and speaks to such prominent organizations. [ Listen to the Conversation ]

Judith Glaser, Conversation 2

This conversation was fun and engaging since Judith is charismatic, experienced, and cheerful, even though it started solemnly, owing to a terrorist attack in Manhattan the day before. We covered politics a bit -- now that I think of it, one of this podcast's few forays there. We talked about leadership from many perspectives, including her storied experience, given her experience with globally known leaders (Donna Karan, etc) and top organizations (Harvard, Apple, etc). Most of us rarely get to talk to people with such connections and history... [ Listen to the Conversation ]

Marshall Goldsmith

maxresdefaultIn this series, highly respected Conversational Intelligence®, We-centric Leadership, Neuro-Innovation expert and Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coach winner, Judith Glaser and Marshall Goldsmith talk about engagement, collaboration, and innovation and how to coach for behavioral change. Watch: [ Interview 1 ] [ Listen to Connect ] [ Double-Click Leadership ] [ Why Great Leaders Don’t Ask “Leading” Questions and What to Do Instead ] [ Three Ways to Make a Huge Impact at Work ] [ 2 Mistakes Leaders Never Make When They Disagree ]


Serial entrepreneur and NFL Hall-of-Famer, Fran Tarkenton interviews Judith E. Glaser as part of a mentoring series offered to the 47,000+ members of his entrepreneur coaching website,


Video Interviews:
Fran Tarkenton part 1 | Fran Tarkenton part 1 | Fran Tarkenton part 1 | Fran Tarkenton part 1

Audio Interviews:
The worst behavior for leaders is addiction to being right
Can You Get Addicted to Being Right?
How Great Leaders Encourage Introverts
Secrets to a Great Conversation

Business Owners Radio Judith E. Glaser, an Organizational Anthropologist and best-selling author of seven business books, shares insights from her latest book Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results. Judith presents her innovative framework for knowing which conversations activate higher-level intelligences such as trust, integrity, empathy, and good judgment. Learn how you can apply conversational intelligence to influence and motivate people throughout your organization and beyond.

eec podcast featured

Find out how Conversational Intelligence can bring your coaching to the next level.  Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC interviews Judith Glaser on the topic with the following questions

  • Why is Conversational Intelligence so important for coaches to understand and use in their coaching practice?
  • How did you discover Conversational Intelligence and what is it?
  • Where and how did you do your research – and why did it take you 50 years?
  • What are your most profound stories to share about the impact of understanding C-IQ?
  • How can it affect the individual, team and organization?

Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff

Judith E. Glaser's book “Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results” is a perfect fit for the Business Builders Show audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence.

In this interview, they talk about the “8 Morning Rituals of the Most Successful People” and “What are You Learning Everyday?”

Women to Watch

Women to Watch (55:24) -- Judith E. Glaser joins Susan Rocco on WWDB-AM Talk 860 on her Women to Watch program. A talk show that reveals the personal stories behind some of the most influential and spirited women in the Philadelphia area and across the country. Get inspired!

Politics vs. Performance

Politics vs. Performance (1:00:01) -- Judith E. Glaser calls herself an Organizational Anthropologist. She is a best-selling business author of 7 books including her new best seller - Conversational Intelligence, Judith is the world’s leading authority on WE-centric Leadership, the Neuroscience of WE and Conversational Intelligence. Judith Glaser talks about choosing office politics or performing our personal best in the work place. [ Listen to the interview]

Little Known Facts About Neuroscience that Can Lead to Extraordinary Results with Judith Glaser, Bill Fox and Karen Mack.

Little Known Facts About Neuroscience that Can Lead to Extraordinary Results with Judith Glaser, Bill Fox and Karen Mack.

Watch the Webinar

Talk With Francesca has expanded to The Legends in Newburyport. Indulge yourself every Saturday from 7-8 am on a.m. 1510 A.M. WMEX RADIO Boston and 106.1 FM Newburyport. Tune in to “Talk with Francesca” and join me for provocative conversation, intriguing stories and inspiration. I interview a wide variety of guests that will help you see the world with a new and fresh perspective. I’ll give you something to talk about.

Conversational Intelligence with Judith Glaser

hdr-logo-wvxu-01Judith E. Glaser, and Dr. Michael Stabile, clinical professor with Xavier University’s Department of Educational Leadership and Human Resource Development join Mark Perzel on Cincinnati Edition to discuss Conversational Intelligence. The approach to communicating effectively, developed by Ms. Glaser,  is being used in boardrooms and classrooms across the country.



WISE TALK October 2013: Sue hosts Judith Glaser, Founder and Chairman of the Creating WE Institute, organizational anthropologist and best-selling author. Judith’s insights will help you understand how to listen and communicate in a way that establishes connectivity and trust. She’ll translate the complexity of neuroscience for easy consumption. Judith’s advice and tips will enable you to build a strong company culture that impacts the bottom line.

mikki-williams-350-squareMikki & Friends Tele-Conversations

Leadership Lessons from "42 Rules for Creating WE"
Read an excerpt from the interview.

Mikki on Conversational Intelligence


Innovation-excellenceInnovation Excellence Co-Founder, Julie Anixter, speaks with Judith E. Glaser about Conversational Intelligence. Listen to the interview and watch the slideshow.


Conversational Intelligence at Work: May 2012

Judith E. Glaser Interview: October 2013


Judith Glaser Kuhoots Webinar – October 2013

Kuhoots Webinar hosted by Kuhoots Founder Robert Galinsky and featuring Judith E. Glaser, Kuhoots client and author of, Conversational Intelligence: How Great Leaders Build Trust & Get Extraordinary Results.

Spend a great thirty minutes with Judith E. Glaser and Galinsky as they talk about her new book and how it connects to our lives, our government, our past and our future. Learn more about the book here.

WNYC Radio Soundcheck

Judith E. Glaser joins WNYC Radio’s Soundcheckfor a fascinating look at the role of music and its innovative uses in the workplace. [Listen]

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Organizational Anthropologist & Executive Coach, Judith E. Glaser & Dr. Srini Pillay. MD – join others for an extraordinary confluence of neuroscientific research & coaching on Internet Talk Radio at Listen:


Judith E. Glaser with Wayne Turmel on The Cranky Middle Manager – Judith shares with CMM on the topic of Creating a sense of WE.



Guru Nation

Judith E. Glaser, guest of Amy Copelan & Guru Nation.



The Business Week

Judith E. Glaser with Senior Editor, Diane Brady and her best seller, The DNA of Leadership.

The CreatingWE Institute team can be seen and heard on national broadcast & cable TV and radio, as well as in print – both in business and mainstream news media, elevating corporate culture using the neuroscience and anthropology based approach of Conversational Intelligence in order to get to the next level of greatness.

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