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Neuroscience of WEMoment of Contact™

Leadership success, or failure, hinges on a leader's ability to understand what is happening in the Moment of Contact – the quintessential moment when people come face-to-face in the pursuit of their greatest ambitions. Whether it is individuals, teams, or clients and vendors, the moment of contact is vital to the future and outcome of each relationship. Will the interaction provoke a sense of threat and fear, or will it inspire anticipation and hope?  Will the outcome be fruitful, or will it lead to unintended consequences and risks that threaten the health and wealth of a business, and the relationships those involved? Learn more at Moment of Contact.  

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Neuroscience of Leadership

Neuroscience is the fastest growing field of research in the world today–

…which is unlocking the code on success and failure in all relationships at work. Breakthrough research now enables us to see inside of our brains and understand how conversations shape both our emotional landscape, as well as our outer landscape that others see. This powerful keynote explains what creates conflict, what erodes trust in relationships and partnerships, why employees step back from taking risks or being accountable, and why win/lose mindsets can take over. Learn more at Neuroscience of WE.

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