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2014 Top Consultant

Leadership-Excellence-Award-2014 Judith E. Glaser, Chairman of The Creating WE Institute and CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., has been honored by Leadership Excellence 500 as one of 2014’s top 15 consultants, coaches and organizational practitioners in the country known for their thought leadership in the development of leadership in organizations globally. Judith was ranked as the top woman in this category. Read More


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The Chemistry of Conversations

qualtrics.com by Judith E. Glaser | July 2, 2014

qualtrics-thumbsRecently, my consultancy, The CreatingWE Institute, partnered with Qualtrics to analyze the frequency of negative versus positive interactions in today’s workplaces. The results were published in Harvard Business Review.

When Trust is Absent

stada.org.sg by Judith E. Glaser | July 1, 2014

trust-fearBoth relationships and results always suffer.
A decade ago, I had a coaching client, Jack, who had been hired as the new president of a global publishing company, poised to transform its offerings from print to digital. Some even saw Jack as the next CEO. However, when Jack interacted with me, he came across as a tough, arrogant executive who lived inside his head and didn’t share his feelings. In retrospect, I know we were caught in our biases about each other, trapped in a dance of distrust.

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Featured in The Harvard Business Review

hooked-on-being-right-squareblogs.hbr.org & huffingtonpost.com
by Judith E. Glaser | February 28, 2013
The #1 most read blog post on the Harvard Business Review in March of 2013

I'm sure it's happened to you: You're in a tense team meeting trying to defend your position on a big project and start to feel yourself losing ground. Your voice gets louder. You talk over one of your colleagues and correct his point of view. He pushes back, so you go into overdrive to convince everyone you're right. It feels like an out of body experience — and in many ways it is. In terms of its neurochemistry, your brain has been hijacked.

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Judith E. Glaser, CEO & Founder

"To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations."

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Gregory Goose Leadership Program 42 Rules for Creating WE Creating WEDNA of Leadership

In addition to being best sellers, Creating WE and The DNA of Leadership are recognized by Forbes & Business Book Review as being among the best business books.

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